Thankful Thursday {Linkup}

As I said in my first Thankful Thursday (here), I always find myself significantly stressed in November, especially as a college student. Taking a month to appreciate the many blessings in my life is a wonderful reprieve from the many assignments and research papers that are flooding my schedule, some of which I should be working on now….

Anyhow, the whole point of these Thankful Thursday Linkups is to share the joys of thanksgiving with all my lovely readers. Each week during November, I’ll publish a “Thankful Thursday” post to lead up to Thanksgiving day. To spread an attitude of appreciation, I’m sharing these posts as a linkup, so please create your own “Thankful Thursdays” list, post it on your blog, and link back in the comments! On Thanksgiving day, I’ll publish a special post to wrap things up and include a list of all the lovely bloggers who participated.

Thankful Thursday 8

This week is much shorter than last weeks, but I wanted to focus on some special people who weren’t mentioned in the last post…

  • A loving a forgiving Savior. Far too often I fall short and make mistakes. My perfectionism is far from maintaining perfection, so in the end, faith is what carries me through. While my personal life is usually a wreck, I’m truly beyond blessed to be a daughter of the King.
  • My best friend. For some unexplainable reason, she has stuck with me through high school, mental illnesses, my extreme stubbornness, college life, Asperger’s research, and disagreements despite her own struggles and triumphs. I don’t know what I would do without her, and I wouldn’t trade her for the world. We laugh, we cry, we hermit. What more could I ask for? Oh, perhaps that she live closer, but… I’m thankful anyways.
    Want to read my long-distance friendship posts? You can find them here and here.
  • My father. He spent years hauling precious cargo (my horses and me 🙂 ) to rodeos and clinics despite everything else he needed to do. When I needed a smile before a barrel run, he was always standing near by. At two in the morning, he would help unload the horses before waking up a few hours later to open the church doors. These were all things I didn’t fully appreciate until college, and I’m forever grateful. These days, he’s my go-to guy for editing, and he always keeps me updated on his latest genealogical findings and their connection to literature.
  • Two crazy sisters. Sure, we still fight and argue, but I don’t know what I would do without them. From fashionable sixteen-year-old Shyanne (who sadly looks older than me) to little Sedona (who is nearly taller than me), my life as the eldest sister is never dull. I’m the responsible fun-sucker. Shyanne is the talented thundercloud. Sedona is the feathery ballerina. It’s quite the balancing act of sisterly friendship, and I miss them both dearly.
  • The best roommate ever. We have lived the same lives, and she’s my music dealer. We binge watch TV’s finest together while chowing down on waffles and caffeinated water. It may have taken me two semesters to hunt her down, but I definitely have the best roommate and friend out there.

Now it’s your turn. Who or what are you thankful for this week? Don’t forget to link back!

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