Why You Should Study Abroad Your Freshman Year

Studying abroad is often the highlight of many collegiate careers; however, many of these adventures abroad don’t happen until after sophomore year when more opportunities are available. While I support studying abroad as often as you can, I highly support finding a way to take a study tour at some point during your freshman year. … More Why You Should Study Abroad Your Freshman Year

Attempting April

Alright, I’d like to announce that titles with alliteration are going to be a thing. Alliteration makes things quirky, so it’s a lovely device that I unashamedly overuse. Now for the apologies–I attempted to write in April. I really did. Life and school just got in the way. Mostly school, which is a-okay. In all … More Attempting April

Awaiting Adventures

Everyone is always telling me that time seems to vanish in later life. I’m telling everyone that time is vanishing now. To be cliche, it seems like 2014 started only yesterday. Really, I cannot believe another year has already come and gone. 2014 was full of adventures: working at a restaurant, taking my first complete … More Awaiting Adventures

An English Major’s Eccentricities: Semester Ramblings

My expectations for university life were golden. I’d envisioned an intellectual utopia with towering masses of books standing as pillars of knowledge, stoic professors eluding to hidden literary treasures, and long philosophical debates over steaming cups of coffee while sitting in a bohemian cafe. Sure, I’d visited my university’s campus several times and met many … More An English Major’s Eccentricities: Semester Ramblings