Five Things I Learned from a Traveling Writer

This semester I was presented with the opportunity to attend a question-and-answer session with Berry Lopez, an author I’ve come to admire and respect for both his award-winning fiction and non-fiction. I’d spent the last five months exploring and discussing many aspects of one of his books, so it’s a bit of an understatement to … More Five Things I Learned from a Traveling Writer

The Catalyst Trip {Part One}

A feeling of contentment washed over me as my gaze fell on the towered skyline. There was a familiarity in the faceless crowds that meandering through the open markets. Pike’s Place Market was the most fascinating, and my cousin and I expertly scaled the steep streets that led into the labyrinth of vendors. We nibbled on garden-fresh produce, while the smell of the day’s catch assaulted our nose. Arts and crafts added color to the concrete walls much like leftover gum created a masterpiece out of an alley wall. What made Pike’s special, though, was the melodies of street musicians that matched the beating of my heart. … More The Catalyst Trip {Part One}

Indirect Travels

The holidays are almost upon us, or so I’ve been informed from the Christmas carols playing from down the hall. Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away and Christmas will be here before we know it. If you’re like most of the students on my campus, you’ll be doing a substantial amount of traveling over … More Indirect Travels