Why You Should Study Abroad Your Freshman Year

Studying abroad is often the highlight of many collegiate careers; however, many of these adventures abroad don’t happen until after sophomore year when more opportunities are available. While I support studying abroad as often as you can, I highly support finding a way to take a study tour at some point during your freshman year. … More Why You Should Study Abroad Your Freshman Year

Joys of Solo Travel

Okay, okay… I’ll admit that my solo travel experiences are lacking in some aspects, because I have yet to take a trip completely solo. However, I have spent quite some time traveling from one destination to the next on my own and slipping away from the group to create my own solo adventures. While on … More Joys of Solo Travel

My England Itinerary

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an English major in possession of a British literature specialization must be in want of an England study abroad opportunity. Wait, wrong story. As much as I love Jane Austen, this isn’t Pride and Prejudice. I’m not in search of my Mr. Darcy or any other single, wealthy young … More My England Itinerary

A New Destination

I had been writing a post about Latino culture and the kitchen to highlight the local dishes in Costa Rica, buuuuut my computer decided to hide my draft. Still, the timing was pretty fantastic considering the news I received this weekend. Drum roll, please…. I’ve been offered the chance to tour England with one of … More A New Destination