Starbucks isn’t Satan

While I’m proud of my ability to ignore the ever numerous pop-culture conversations and debates, it was rather hard to miss the latest Starbucks fiasco. These things tend to make me roll my eyes before turning back to homework or conversations with actual meaning; however, I couldn’t overlook the many posts and comments on social media, and I decided to jump on the bandwagon with a few thoughts.

Now if you’re lucky, you’re completely oblivious to Starbucks apparent “war on Christmas”. Their main weapon? A simplistic red and green cup. It has much of the Christian community in an uproar, and many individuals are participating in counter attacks like #MerryChristmasStarbucks, which encourages individuals to use “Merry Christmas” instead of their name. In theory, this would require a barista to write “Merry Christmas” on the cup and vocalize the greeting. This would somehow right the sins of a simple coffee cup…

Obviously not the seasonal cups, but I was struggling to find something open domain… #poorbloggerproblems

If you’re like me, you’re wondering what this outrage is actually all about. Why is a simple Christmas theme–which is quite clever considering the franchises’ green logo–such a sin? In short, the lack of snowflake and Christmas tree doodles on a paper cup is apparently a subliminal cry of “I hate Jesus”.

To be honest, I don’t really see the logic. A red and green cup is no less religious than a Christmas tree or snowflake. Besides, the Christian community has been attempting to separate the simplistic nature of Christmas from the hyped-up commercialized holiday season. Shouldn’t this be a good thing?

The whole debate aside, aren’t there more important things for Christians to cry in outrage about? Perhaps world hunger and rape culture…? It makes more sense to rally in anger about human trafficking than a paper cup that will likely end up in a recycling bin….

Actually, the Christian community may find it more Christlike to channel their efforts into sharing the love of Christ. After all, the Gospel–the good news about Christ’s birth– is the true reason for the season. Christ’s birth is so much more than coffee cups, right?

In case you couldn’t hear me over the thousands of screaming individuals who need to validate their relationship with God by insisting that their coffee cups have snowmen (I’m still not seeing the religious connection), the answer is yes. Christmas is about proclaiming the good news of Christ’s birth, and through this, His gift to the world: forgiveness. Christmas is about the state of one’s soul, not the decorations or lack there of on Starbucks’ seasonal cups.

With these things in mind, perhaps everyone should remember that Starbucks isn’t Satan– if you want a more festive Starbucks cup, bring your own sharpie.


22 thoughts on “Starbucks isn’t Satan

  1. Ha! I love the last line about buying a Sharpie. I honestly didn’t hear this latest debate about the “cups.” I knew that some people were upset they were already out with the red cups and some were happy, but really, who cares? Not me.

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  2. I feel like if people are focused about the design of a cup, they don’t really understand the meaning of Christmas in the first place. Maybe instead of spending $5 on a cup of coffee, they could go buy a meal for a homeless person.

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  3. I love your comment about “the Christian community has been attempting to separate the simplistic nature of Christmas from the hyped-up commercialized holiday season”. That is so true! And really, it’s just a red cup… I also like the comment about buying a meal for a homeless person.

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    1. Thank you so much for dropping by! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Isn’t the meal idea wonderful? I think I’ll try to do that some this Christmas season. It’s a wonderful gift to give, and it’s much more important than a silly cup.


  4. Great post! I heard about the red cup outrage last week and seriously thought it was just people whining because the cups are kinda boring this year. I thought it was a waste of time to complain. When I heard that Christian’s are upset because Starbucks is taking Christ out of Christmas by removing the designs from the cups I thought it was an even bigger waste of time to complain. I never realized the Starbucks cups designs represented the Christian meaning of Christmas… and even if they did (which they didn’t) there are bigger things to be concerned about than a disposable coffee cup.

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    1. Thanks, Crystal! Thank you for reading and adding to the conversation. It really doesn’t make any sense to be mad about the cups. As you said, they are disposable…! What’s the huge deal? It’s crazy what people get upset about these days.


  5. Okay, I heard about this whole stupid Starbucks fiasco but didn’t realize that patrons were going into SB and requesting the baristas write “Merry Christmas” on the cups.

    With all the other terrible things that happen every day in the news, I can’t believe this is what some people chose to get up in arms about.


  6. I must be living under a rock, did not know about this debate going around. I agree totally with the comment about getting a homeless person a meal instead of spending on a $5 coffee.


  7. I must be living in a hole. I have not heard anything about this. Now I will have to find more nonsense to read. People are crazy. PS…this is a great post and I still love Starbucks and Christmas!


  8. A million times YES! Oh my goodness so I was totally oblivious until someone mentioned it to me and I just do not get it. Like… not even a little bit. I am totally embarrassed by the Christians choosing to make this an issue when it isn’t… at.all.


    1. Thanks for visiting! It is rather embarrassing, but I guess it speaks to our society as a whole. It’s sad to see people who are willing to get so upset about silly trivial things like coffee cups when there are so many other things we should be upset about.


  9. LOL… this is so silly… I didn’t know there’s an issue about the colors of the cup. Hmmm… why not talk about the origin of Christmas? It’s not even in the Bible, for real!!!


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