A Peek In My Closet: Plaid Simplicity

Thanksgiving break–full of catching up with grandparents, sisters, cousins, and family friends–brought a reminder that it’s the simple things in life that matter most. Smiles and laughter are the things that make life so special, because those memories are the things you hold closest to your heart. Being back home inspired an equally simple outfit … More A Peek In My Closet: Plaid Simplicity

Rainy Day Poetry

Over the past two semesters, I’ve set aside my novels for the sake of academic projects. While I may never return to my beloved stories and characters–academic work has truly stolen my heart–I know that poetry will always be with me. Sometimes my mind is too full of research proposals and papers, and it forces … More Rainy Day Poetry

Anticipating Autumn

Fall is my favorite season ever, so September brings much excitement into my life. However, Labor Day weekend brought an unwanted heatwave with a dorm-wide AC and electrical crash. To counteract my heat-induced melancholy, I made a list of things I’m anticipating with the advance of autumn and decided to share it with you. Wearing … More Anticipating Autumn