Anticipating Autumn

Fall is my favorite season ever, so September brings much excitement into my life. However, Labor Day weekend brought an unwanted heatwave with a dorm-wide AC and electrical crash. To counteract my heat-induced melancholy, I made a list of things I’m anticipating with the advance of autumn and decided to share it with you.


Wearing sweaters. I love sweaters so much, and I would be happy to wear them all year long. I’m porcelain pale no matter what — even a month in Costa Rica didn’t fix it. Besides, sweaters over floral dresses, oxfords, and warm socks is (in my opinion) one of the best fashion statements ever. They also allow me to express my introversion. I can hide in overlarge sweaters even in public. It’s so wonderful…. Okay, so I might have an addiction.

Fall 2Via: Pinterest

Infinity scarves. I wear infinity scarves year round since they’re easier to pull off than sweaters — like I said, an obsession. Either way, fall means more infinity scarves, and that is a very good thing. They are also great for staying warm in drafty lecture halls and library window seats. Not to mention the fact that you can find them fairly cheap.

Boots and socks. Okay, so maybe my love of autumn is slightly fashion based, but you can’t deny that fall fashion is the best. Sweaters, scarves, and rustic (ish) statement boots. It’s the perfect combination of vintage and woodsman inspired clothing. I can have my feminine touch with a hint of my inner tomboy.

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Apple pie. The all American treat is another one of my favorites. That could be because I really like brown sugar, but I probably shouldn’t admit to having a sweet-tooth. However, the apple pie itself isn’t always the best part. Orchards in the fall are a wonderful place to explore and spend hours picking golden fruits. Sadly, I live in the relatively barren Texas Panhandle, so I’m not aware of many orchards. Perhaps I’ll take an apple-picking road trip?

Coffee and tea. This is another year-round ordeal; however, tea time is so much better when the air is crisp and you’re wearing a comfy sweater. Chai tea also floods stores, so there are many more options than the typical mint or lady grey. Autumn is also one of the best times to read poetry, and the only way to read good poetry is with a cuppa. Goodness, sometimes I realize just how English I can be inwardly... On the other hand, there is coffee — the perfect brew for a nice, solitary walk in the woods. It also happens to be great for those early morning classes, especially when cold mornings become more and more common.


Via: Pinterest

The crunch of leaves while walking to class. People might give me strange looks or think I’m one of those strange academic types who are not completely aware of current social constructs, which isn’t far from the truth, but I often find myself doing the cliche “spin in the fiery hue of falling leaves” act. Actually I might have done such a thing this morning, except it wasn’t much of fiery hue. It was more like a single yellow-brown leaf that had been stripped away by the wind. You can’t blame a girl for trying, though.

Rain and misty mornings. Fall is one of the only rainy seasons we have in Texas, so it’s wonderful when heavy clouds settle in. It’s even better when wispy clouds settle over the frost ground. Fog and mist reminds me of the ocean, so that’s probably why I love it so much. Then again, I’m a writer so eerie weather is fascinating rather than frightening.


Via: Pinterest

Frost on windows. As a kid, I used to try to make frost pictures like Larra Inglles Wilder recounts in one of her novels. To this day the natural patterns created are more beautiful than anything I could make on my own. It’s something that makes me smile and remember to appreciate the simple things in life.

The color gold. Shiny things are not usually my thing, but I love mixing a bit of gold with the greens, reds, and browns of autumn. It’s a way for me to add a pop of eye catching color to my relatively “dull” color palate in my closet. Except now that I’m thinking about it, maybe I’m just a very strange person. Colors often give me feelings, so I’m very picky about what colors I like. That sound a but odd, though….


Via: Pinterest

Seeing your breath on the air. Many regions don’t get cold enough for this until December or January, but Texas can get pretty nippy early on in the season. There’s just something about seeing my breath that wakes me up, so it’s a great way to start off my mornings. My classmates might not agree, because I tend to be a chipper morning person during the fall semester. They’re probably happy when all of that changes in the spring.

Last but not least:  pumpkin-spice lattes, as recommended my my roommate. I know I already listed coffee and tea, but these fall “must have” needs a category all its own. Also, you can’t be the typical “white girl” without the signature Starbucks’ drink. However, I think my goal this year will be to find my own recipe. Funny thing — fall is the only time I like cooking or doing much of anything in the kitchen.


Via: Pinterest

Those are just the general excitements that follow the footsteps of fall. These next few months will be extra special, though. In October I’ll be taking a bus to Colorado in order to visit my boyfriend before we spend a weekend together in Louisiana. I love road trips and exploring new places, but journeys in autumn are my favorite.

How about you– what things are you anticipating with the upcoming season?


4 thoughts on “Anticipating Autumn

  1. Autumn is my favourite season too. Everything you have listed is mostly everything I love about Autumn in particular, sweaters. I can’t get enough of them!


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