21 Ways to be More Creative

All too often I find myself bored with the status quo. Everyone seems determined to mirror everyone else, which is something that seems to drain the creativity in the world. When I came to college, I thought I had to set aside the fun, quirky part of my life. I thought everything had to be focused on grades and internships, on getting ahead, on being successful; though, after a year of college, I realized it was madness. This last year, I decided to focus more on being myself. And, I learned that there are countless ways to be more creative in hectic and crazy world. Here’s a fun list that might help get you started!


  1. Don’t be scared to be unique.
    *This might not seem creative, but in a world of people who want to copy someone else, being unique is both a bold and creative move.

  2. Participate in a monthly art challenge.
  3. Make unique playlists for special occasions.
  4.  Keep a journal of favorite quotes.
  5. Read books. Classics, non-fiction, pop-culture.
  6. Use personal fashion to make a creative statement.
    * When I decided to simply let my style reflect my personality, more people started commenting on my confidence, on my creativity instead of making fun of my unique fashion statements. Be confident. Be you.
  7. Start growing a garden. Succulents, vegetables, herbs–so many possibilities.
  8. Attend an art walk or a music festival.
  9. Bake a new kind of cookie or pie.
  10. Walk to work instead of drive.
  11. Take a weekend picnic or hike instead of heading to the movies.
    *Personally, spending time in the outdoors in inspiring. There’s something about getting away from life for a bit that helps you put things in perspective. 
  12. Experiment with a new hairstyle.
  13. Make a “day in the life” video or photo collage.
  14. Crochet or knit while watching Netflix–the grandma life is the best.
  15. Design a mood board.
  16. Get the tattoo you’ve always wanted.
    * All too often people raise their eyebrows when I tell them my tattoo idea (“No net ensnares me,” a quote from Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre). Apparently a lot of people don’t appreciate my dedication to British literature. Then I realized I didn’t need their appreciation. I just needed my dedication. 
  17. Go shopping at a flea market.
  18. Start a scrapbook of your favorite things.
  19. Spend a weekend volunteering for a charity or a food kitchen.
  20. Begin learning a new language.
  21. Take an unplanned vacation… to your own hometown.
    *Simply drive around with friends and see what treasures you can find hidden in your own backyard. Seeking adventure where you are is a great way to be creative in a world of so many dissatisfied people. 


These twenty-one ideas are just the start of the list. How do you stay creative in a hectic world?



What are your thoughts?

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