Seven Apps You Need Instead of Facebook

Three weeks ago I deleted the Facebook app from my phone. Such an insane decision was inspired by one of the “I deleted social media apps for an entire week” posts that seem to float around the blog-sphere. Thankful I wasn’t entirely insane and kept Pinterest and Instagram–they’re necessary for my scheduled blocks of procrastination. Anyhow, upon finding that my phone had a bunch more storage after deleting Facebook, I decided to download some “adult” apps to make up for all those wasted hour scrolling aimlessly through relationship dramas and “What does your cat think of you” quizzes.

Fake It Till You Make It- (2)

Without further ado, here are seven must have apps for busy college girls who are brave enough to delete that all-addictive Facebook.
Forest–so you’ve deleted Facebook, but this other apps are still calling your name during homework. We’ve all been there–a short break on Pinterest turns into four hours of procrastination and a feeling of dissatisfaction with your current wardrobe.

Todolist–To be honest, this app has replaced much of my planner usage. It’s the ultimate productivity app for on-the-go girls, especially because it’s constantly at my fingertips. Being able to organize tasks by projects and priorities makes having an interactive to-do list a huge motivating factor for getting things done.

Pasifica— when I had a Facebook app, I often found myself scrolling through the mind numbing feed in an attempt to distract myself from anxiety, stress, and panic. Instead of avoidance, I’ve found an app that helps users work through the emotional rollercoaster of college and work life. Being able to record my mood and use “tools” like the calm breathing simulator is beyond helpful.

Google Keep — I’ve had a hard time jumping on the Google apps bandwagon because I’m a Microsoft type of girl. Still, OneNote doesn’t compare to the pinterest-style homepage full of checklists, reminders, and documents you can create and store in Keep. It’s become one of my most used apps, especially because I go a bit crazy with checklists.

Monefy— Since I mostly use cash for general expenses, managing my budget is usually fairly simple. However, this semester I have two different paychecks which makes it a bit harder to keep everything straight. I’ve also been saving for my trip to England, so being able to record my income, savings, and spending habits has been a huge help to keeping an eye on my finances.

Forest — Do you ever wish the distraction of your phone just didn’t exist? Personally, I’ve turned to growing a daily forest. This handy little app encourages you to stay focused for an allotted amount of time while you grow a cute little tree. If you get distracted and stray toward apps like Pinterest, your tree dies. It’s rather sad and no one likes killing trees–it’s a strangely effective setup.

SimpleMind — If you haven’t tried mind-mapping, then now is the time. It’s a fantastic way to stay creative and organized while planning or working on new projects. Personally, I find that it’s great for studying new ideas or planning research projects.

Coffitivity — Sometimes it’s hard to focus with music in the background, but when you live on a university campus there’s never any quiet moments either. I tend to migrate toward coffee houses and the background chatter that is innate to the indie-hipster atmospheres, but money is an issue sometimes. My solution? An app full of fantastic coffeehouse sounds to help increase productivity.

Do you have any favorite productivity apps?


9 thoughts on “Seven Apps You Need Instead of Facebook

  1. I agree with your thoughts on OneNote and Google Keep. I’ve started using Keep and the layout and style of it is a lot more appealing than OneNote especially because you can set reminders on Keep!


  2. SimpleMind sounds like an app I would absolutely love! Thanks so much for sharing these with us. I have anxiety, as well, and I’ve found that social media and constantly being connected make it so much worse.

    I hope you have a great week!

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass


    1. Thanks so much for dropping by — I’m glad you enjoyed the post! Really though, it’s so true that constantly being shadowed by social media can be super stressful for people with anxiety. It’s always nice to be able to unplug and breathe for awhile.
      Hope you have a wonderful day, girly!


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