A February Playlist // Indie Life

If January was a busy month, February is a hurricane of chaos. Last night I spent several hours writing down all my work hours and important dates into my planner–needless to say, I ran out of room. Still, I made sure to leave the 14th blank to spend time with my friends and my boyfriend (even if it is time over Skype). Maybe being in a relationship has turned me into a sap, but I’m actually not rolling my eyes at this Valentine’s Day. Usually I’d be on some rant about the commercialism and senselessness of the whole ordeal… However, now I think it’s really sweet to have a day dedicated to your relationships–so long as you don’t do things just for the show of it. With my crazy schedule, I need a day to remind me that life isn’t about the paycheck or success. It’s about relationships and the people you love.


One of the ways I keep myself grounded is through music. Listening to meaningful words has always managed to calmed me down and make me relax when my “to do” lists continue to multiply and my time seems to vanish. Over the past semester or two, I’ve made a playlist for the month, and I’ve finally decided to start sharing them on the blog (Indie Life Series). This month is focused on my favorite “love” songs, though they’re not all happy…


Lover of the Light…Mumford and Sons // I Still Love You…Josh Jenkins // Hey There Delilah…Jacob Whitesides // Better Together…Us The Duo // Table for Two…Matthew Perryman Jones // Little Do You Know…Alex and Sierra // Like Real People Do…Hozier // Miles Don’t Mean Anything…Eye Alaska

So, you might notice that most of these artists aren’t mainstream (Hozier and Mumford and Sons are the two best recognized), which will likely be the case with most of the upcoming playlists. I’m a strange person, and my slightly obscure (and mostly Indie) music tastes tend to reflect my personality. I hope everyone enjoys!

What’s your song for the month?


16 thoughts on “A February Playlist // Indie Life

  1. I haven’t heard some of these songs but the ones I have heard I really like (like Alex and Sierra and Mumford and Sons). I’ll definitely have to check out these other songs!


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