Five Things To Do After Syllabus Week

If you’ve been around for the past month or two, you’ve probably noticed my “college week” series, which includes Five Things To Do The Week Before Classes Start and Five Things To Do The Week After Finals. These two articles were my first blog posts to ever go viral, and I’ve had multiple requests to continue with these style of posts! Thus, here’s the newest installment with tips for getting organization after syllabus week.



1. Prioritize your classes. You have gone over your syllabi and have met your professors. You’re likely already facing a crazy to-do list and an even crazier semester–now that you have a feel for what your classes will be like, it’s time to prioritize. Which classes will be reading intensive? Which ones play into your strengths or target your weaknesses? Which professor has the harshest grading scale or the largest project? Take all of these things into account and figure out where your greatest amount of focus or effort will be concentrated.

2. Create a master-list of projects and assignments. Last semester was the first time I ever typed up an actual list of all my main projects and assignments. While it might be intimidating at first, it becomes a huge lifesaver. Being able to see where projects will overlap with each other or where you might have an extra stressful week is the perfect way to figure out which assignments to tackle first. Also, it’s extremely satisfying to mark a project off the list.

3. Formulate a study schedule. Now that you’ve figured out which classes will take the most time and which projects you need to tackle first, make a study schedule of when you’ll dedicate time to each of your subjects. I usually make a weekly format that I tend to follow for the entire semester. Though, creating a schedule that allots certain amounts of time to each subject doesn’t have to be a do or die thing. Flexibility is great! I’ve just always found it helpful to have a schedule that keeps me accountable and on-track.

4. Make any final work or schedule adjustments. This is the prime-time of the semester to get any of those work or internship scheduling glitches fixed, especially if you’re working multiple jobs. Make sure that you schedule time to make society meetings or any extracurricular activities that catch your eye. College is full of great learning experiences and opportunities, but learning how to juggle a hectic schedule is probably one of the most important things you’ll learn as someone in the 21st century.

5. Spend the weekend getting a week ahead. Maybe I’m just boring, but the whole “first-weekend” part time isn’t appealing. Instead, use your time wisely and get ahead on assignments. Getting into the habit of staying ahead from the start will be a huge help when the midterm madness hits. Spending the first weekend in the library like a boring ol’ college student is the way to go. You’ll thank yourself later!

Study Schedules getting you down? Grab my free printable Study Schedule template!



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