Junior Year Thoughts

How is it only the end of the first week of school? If you ask me, the past five days have felt like five weeks, and all I have done is organize my syllabi and read a few hundred pages. Still, I’ve collected quite a few thoughts to start off the first semester of my junior year.

Junior Year Thoughts (2)

Adult life is scary.  Life gets real when you have several job opportunities that open career doors with people expecting you to work full-time as an undergraduate. Adult expectations are rough, and knowing how to deal with them can be even harder–especially when the opportunities are both promising and terrifying.

Study something you love. “But money.” Yes, I know money is a big deal. Paying the bills is necessary, and you’re going to work the job you have to in order to make ends meet. However, if you’re a college student paying thousands of dollars a year for a degree, why not study something you will at least enjoy? The longer I’m in school the more I realize that it isn’t worth it to spend your entire life dreading your occupation–if you have the opportunity to follow your heart, then do it.

It’s okay to say no. It’s college so hectic schedules are a given–sometimes it makes it hard to say yes. Still, sometimes saying no is even harder. Take it from the workaholic with the overcrowded schedule. I want to take every opportunity possible, but it’s impossible to do everything. Do what you can, but don’t be afraid to let opportunities pass and say no.

How was your first day of class?

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