Things I Can’t Live Without: Surviving the First Day of the Semester (2)

At the start of last semester, I wrote a survival guide for the first day of the semester (read it here)–it was pretty serious. Somehow, this semester doesn’t seem quite so real, which might be because I’ve become a seasoned collegiate. Honestly, I’m fairly relaxed about starting new classes and navigating my paperwork-intensive schedule. To stay true to the “chill” character of the day, I’ve decided that a fun post was in store: here’s a list of my favorite things that keep me “sane” when starting a new semester.



1. Mini notebook. Maybe it’s just me, but “to do” lists always seem to clutter my backpack, class binders, and desk. Inspired by a bullet-list journal on Pinterest, I decided to dedicate this adorable little notebook to making lists for meetings, homework, and whatever else life throws my way. The method has served me well over the past few months, so it’s a tradition I’m going to keep around.


2.Planner. While I now have a “to do” list notebook, my lovely planner hasn’t been replaced. This is where I keep all of my class and meeting times as well as homework and reading assignments in their proper place. If it weren’t for this planner, my hectic life would very likely fall to pieces within hours. The black and gold design also makes me feel so much more put together and professional–always a good thing, yes?

3.Tea-2-Go card. Tea is always a good thing, especially when you’re celebrating the start of your advanced grammar class. Grabbing a cup of freshly brewed tea and setting down with the year’s first homework assignment is also not a bad idea. Basically, I just come up with an excuse to always drink tea….


4. Sharpie pens. Speaking of excuses– new semesters all always a good reason to buy a package of new sharpie pens. Last semester I had a different style, but these grabbed my attention. They’re fantastic so far, and I can’t wait to take more notes with them as the semester picks up. Really though, there’s just something about having a good pen that makes writing so much more enjoyable.

5. Lotion. On a completely different note, I also love my new “semester scent”. Last fall it was White Tea and Ginger, but I ran out…. Anyhow, I have decided to try the Warm Vanilla Sugar line from Bath & Body Works. No complaints so far, and it might even become a new favorite once the weather warms up and puts me in a different mood.

6. Signature pen. Another new favorite is a pen that I picked up at the end of last semester for 50 cents. I haven’t been able to figure out that model it is, but the way it works is beautiful–probably one of the smoothest pens I’ve ever used, which is why it works so well for paperwork and signatures. It’s so much more useful than the icky, run-of-the-mill pens that the university keeps in stock.


7. Nail polish. When signing papers you want your nails to look nice, which is why I stick with my Sally Hansen line. Nail painting is not a top hobby for me, especially since I bite my nails (never kicked the bad habit). Thankfully this brand never seems to chip as much as the others. Not to mention that it matches my planner and my coffee mug–if you’re going to be organized you may as well make it fashionable.

8. Headphones. Sadly my headphones don’t match my black/gold obsession; however, they cancel sound, which is way better. As an introvert, I appreciate silence. Always. Though, silence in the middle of a crowded hallway? Near perfection. They’re also pretty great for music, so….


9. Black “Soul” Mug. Maybe it’s also an introvert thing, but black is the best. In my defense, I have always gravitated toward dark/calm colors–my wardrobe is void of anything bright. Still, my roommate made me an awesome “black soul” mug for Christmas–best thing ever.

10. “Possibilities” journal. Being creative is never a bad thing, and one of my 2016 goals is to find more time in the day to enjoy being creative. I decided that even 10 minutes between classes is better than nothing, so I made sure to keep my poetry/creative writing journal on hand. You never know when inspiration might strike!

Now I know that these are things that I really can live without–the saying that “less is more” has been a huge inspiration to live a more minimalist lifestyle. Still, I do have to admit that this little collection of comfort objects is certainly something that made my day so much easier.

What is one thing that you absolutely “must have” for your first day of the semester?




3 thoughts on “Things I Can’t Live Without: Surviving the First Day of the Semester

  1. Black is just the best, I agree. 😛 I need a planner for this semester also because I didn’t have one so far and it killed me. Sigh.


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