2016 Goals // The Road To A Better Me Linkup

Tomorrow my roommate and I will pile most of our belongings into my family’s slightly unreliable minivan (college life wouldn’t be the same without sketchy transportation) and drive back to our little university campus. While the start of 2016 has already come and gone, starting a new semester feels most like the start of a new year– usually a time of “new me” resolutions, right?

Now if you read my New Year’s post (A New Year And A New Day), then you would know that I’m not a huge fan of the whole resolution thing. Goals on the other hand are very different; and, in my opinion, I think they bring about change better than a simple resolution. A goal is something you work toward each and every day–it’s a reachable destination, not a hazy shadow of some Everest-sized peak. Granted, that’s not to say that goals cannot be connected to big dreams, which is why I’ve joined The Road To A Better Me Linkup.

2016 (4)


Here are my top three “better me” goals for the year.

1. Be more creative. At the start of high school, I spent a huge amount of time on DIY, art, and writing projects. My hands were always covered in glitter, paint, or ink– something that defined my creative streak. To be honest, I was always a bit proud of having  that creative mark; however, over the past few years, my creative and artistic ventures have fallen to the wayside. This year, I’ll be taking time each day to relax and to release all my jumbled thoughts into a creative mess.

2. Laugh more often. My laugh is awkward, and my personality isn’t one for grand displays of excitement or joy. Some people joke that I always look stoic, as if I’m always lost in though–it’s not that far from the truth. Still, a few special people have brought more laughter and smiles into my life, and I want to make those beautiful moments last for as long as possible. As I’ve said before, you can’t guarantee tomorrow, so laugh while you can.

3. Embrace Uniqueness. This is easier said than done, especially when you live in a world that pushes everyone to conform. Even the nonconformist ideals of indie, hipster, and bohemian scenes have been popularized and twisted into trends. Still, the point is this: it’s important that you stay true to who you really are. This is something I’ve fought for my entire life, because I can be extremely awkward and eccentric due to the fact that I’m neurodiverse (vs. a world full of “normal” functioning people) and an INTJ personality type (placing me in 2% of the population). While I used to hate many of my “quirks,” I’m working hard to appreciate all the many aspects that make me who I am– my awkwardness and social ineptness, my strange music and fashion choices, my obsession with 19th century England and Scottish Gaelic. They’re all things that make me standout, but I’m trying to remind myself that being unique isn’t bad. It just means that I won’t let the world control me.

Now it’s your turn: what are your goals for 2016? Write up a list, then jump on over to visit Brittany at Southern Soul and Jenny at Breakfast At Lilly’s) to join their monthly linkup for goal related posts!

28 thoughts on “2016 Goals // The Road To A Better Me Linkup

  1. Nope, college wouldn’t be the same without sketchy transportation. I kind of don’t know what to do with myself now (3 years out of college) that I have a reliable car. 🙂 Love your goals. I have also decided that I want to get back into my beloved creative pursuits this year–I didn’t have any craft supplies for the last two years because we did two international moves back to back–I’m ready to settle down and invest in supplies again. I got embroidery materials for Christmas (one of my crafts of choice) and a coloring book and pencils, and I’m hoping to get a sewing machine sometime this year–that’s an extra-big investment, though so I have to save up for it a bit. 🙂 I’m all about embracing uniqueness, though my language obsession is Mandarin Chinese.


  2. I LOVE the laugh more often goal! I feel like I need this too! Surrounding yourself with people that make you laugh is so important! Now I really want to try and do that 🙂 Your other goals are great, and really unique!



  3. I am so into being more creative at the moment. I felt like I had all of these personal projects going on when I was in high school then just didn’t have time for anything in college. I felt like I lost a huge part of myself when I stopped being so creativity. Working on getting that back this year! xx Merisa | Monogrammed Magnolias


    1. Best of luck being more creative this year! It’s so nice to be able to create things while finding yourself.

      Also, I love your blog. It’s darling. I hope I’ll get to see some of your creative projects there.


  4. I love your goals! I agree that it can sometimes be hard to embrace your uniqueness in a world like this, but once you do it’s absolutely amazing. And so random but I’m actually an INTJ too! 🙂


  5. These are great goals! I’m personally working on the creativity goal this year too, because I’m not an artsy person and I can get cripplingly anxious about having to be creative and it just scares me, but I do enjoy it when I’m in the middle of it. So I’m trying hard to get out of my comfort zone this year and do some scary creative things that I’ve always wanted to do.


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