Love Your Life // 2016 Jeeping Adventure


Looking back over the past year, I realize that much of 2015 time was spent bemoaning my uninspiring and fairly boring lifestyle. Sure, I went on a few adventures and made a ton of wonderful memories; but, I always felt myself comparing myself to all the other “big name” bloggers and adventurers with thousands of followers and picture-perfect Instagram feeds. I constantly found myself feeling like my life was inferior–a cheap knockoff version of someone else’s success.

Thankfully, over the year, I have learned that my life is my life. It’s a beautiful and wonderful life with its own ups and downs–just like everyone else. While a nice filter on Instagram can make someone seem stunning and spectacular, the truth is that we all have flaws and failures. No one is capable of having a perfect life, and that’s the beauty of it all: your life doesn’t have to be perfect for you to love it.

To be honest, I’m not really sure that I fully knew that I had learned such an important lesson until the first day of 2016. Unlike last year, my mind wasn’t stuck on all the amazing adventures that everyone else was taking. Instead, I was soaking in the beauty of Colorado mountains and enjoying my own imperfect but perfectly wonderful adventure…




Photo Credit: Paul Trimble

The plan was to head down this trail until we hit a meadow, but we decided to take a short stop and enjoy the fresh air while I snapped some pretty mediocre shots of the stunning scenery.



And then the plans got stuck in a good foot and a half of snow… Which of course turned into a competition to see who could tackle the deepest drifts. Who ever said that standing in the cold while pulling vehicles out of the snow wasn’t fun?




Anyhow, despite our two best efforts to plow a passable path, we ended up not being able to go any further. Some people might have considered the day ruined, but the entire group was content to gather around a fire and simply enjoy the fellowship and God’s creation.




After warming up for a bit, we decided to brave the knee-deep snow to gain a higher vantage point. I think it’s safe to say that the views were breathtaking. Though, that might just be because I’m out of shape and wading through snow was more than enough exercise for the day.




Though, perhaps the fact that I was standing next to this handsome guy was what made the view so wonderful. Making memories, however imperfect or perfect they might be, with someone you dearly love is worth more than any fake front you can create on social media.

Credit: Paul Trimble
Credit: Paul Trimble


Sure, you can blog about a picture-perfect life and share in on Instagram; however, you cannot share a perfect life with the people you love. Life is never perfect, but it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes you have to wade through things that drag you down (like Rocky Mountain snow) or walk a path that veers into the shadows–yet, you can love every minute of it, especially if you’re facing both the perfect and imperfect sides of life together.

Here’s to simply loving life and appreciating perfectly imperfect adventures in 2016!


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