Christmas Eve In Pictures // Arizona

Much like my Fall Break In Pictures // Colorado post from October, this post is full of pictures taken out the window of a moving car. Though, my dad was kind enough to pull over a few times to let me snap some shots and reunite with the land that has my heart.

Okay, so I might be jumping ahead a tad-bit. Long story short, my family and I piled into our minivan to make the 13 hour drive from our current home in Texas to my grandparents’ place in Arizona where I was born and (mostly) raised. Basically, we took a road trip to return home, and here are some of the pictures I took along the way.


Home sweet home….


Headed to the mountains.

Hello, Flagstaff. Hello, snow.


I love this lovely weather.


Family wanted sunshine… #phoenixbound


A storm is brewing.

But it’s a beautiful sky.


The valleys and mountains are so unique.


Such a rugged terrain…


I was born with the land’s silent rebellion in my blood.


I am finally home.

Where was your “home for the holidays” destination?


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