End Of Sophomore Year Thoughts

Finals week is over, my grades are turned in, and I’m sitting at home with my family– it is the official end of sophomore year. At the start of the fall semester, I shared a post called Sophomore Year Thoughts, which highlighted my musings about study abroad, being myself, and general insecurities about life. A few short months later, here are some ramblings about my short and sweet sophomore year.

end Of Sophomore Year Thoughts (1)

Hard work pays off. 
While people often tell me that I work too hard and need to have more “fun,” I’m reminded at the end of another 4.0 semester that hard work pays off in the end– that’s my idea of fun. There is no better feeling than putting days and weeks worth of work into a project that gets a good grade. My job as a tutor for my school’s writing center might call for long weekends and late nights, but I’ve never been so happy in a work place.

Don’t let people hold you back. When I first started school as a freshman, I only transferred in six dual credits. Still, I planned to graduate early. When I first started school as a freshman, I had multiple academic advisers tell me I couldn’t do it. Three semesters later, I’ve finished two years of school. When people try to dictate your life, don’t allow them to put boundaries on your dreams.

No one is perfect. Don’t let other people make you feel bad for not being perfect either. This semester, I felt the weight of many different expectations pulling me down. While I worked hard all semester to stay on top of things, there were a few times when I didn’t make the “perfect” cut. As a perfectionist, it was a living nightmare fueled by guilt. As a human, it was unavoidable, and that is completely okay.

The sophomore slump is real. It is so ridiculously real. It’s an awkward time between university-core classes and upper-levels connected to your major. The new freshmen all seem ridiculously loud. Senior friends from freshman year are gone, and more and more friends are leaving with each semester. Yep, sophomore year is awkward but totally worth it.

How did your semester go?  





9 thoughts on “End Of Sophomore Year Thoughts

    1. I think it’s always a great idea to collect your thoughts at the end of the year. It’s a great way to reflect on life and all the crazy things that happen. I look forward to reading your post.


  1. I remember my sophomore year being both sad and slow, but looking back it really was a great time for defining myself & my boundaries with other obligations/relationships. Congrats on getting through and getting to break! Best. Feeling. Ever.


    1. I hope your first year of college was memorable, Andrea! Freshman year is so much fun, but don’t let the sophomore year slump scare you off. The second year of college is so much fun, and it’s awesome to see everything that comes with being an upperclassman.


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