A Peek In My Closet: Plaid Simplicity

Thanksgiving break–full of catching up with grandparents, sisters, cousins, and family friends–brought a reminder that it’s the simple things in life that matter most. Smiles and laughter are the things that make life so special, because those memories are the things you hold closest to your heart.

Being back home inspired an equally simple outfit post, which was fun since the pictures where taken while exploring my grandparent’s back yard with my sisters–something we haven’t done in three or four years. Who knew that leaf-wars are more fun when you’re too “old” to play in them?

As I said, it’s a pretty simplistic outfit, which reflects my country upbringing. The blanket scarf is Walmart’s finest, and the rest of the outfit was bought on clearance at random stores. Point being: you don’t have to have a ton of fancy things to be happy. Material things are just things.


I’m honestly not huge on flashy accessories, so most of my outfits are kept pretty simple with either a bracelet or necklace. Too many years of 4-H interviews taught me that sparkle is distracting, so I really like the fact that there isn’t jewelry with this outfit. The accents are all in the scarf, drop-shoulder seam, and textured lace hem. It’s the perfect simple blend.

Speaking of accents, I think the boots make a nice statement. They’re the perfect balance between function and fashionable. The thick soles keep your toes from getting too cold (those leaves are cold and damp!) during walks in the woods and the lovely dun color is perfect for a night out.

As I said before, things are just things. Relationships and memories are more important than a closet full of designer clothes. While I love this outfit, it’s the memories I made with my sisters as we took pictures that make me smile. Years from now, I won’t remember writing about a simple $5 blanket scarf. I’ll remember throwing leaves with my little sisters and realizing that my life would be dull and boring without them.

What favorite memories do you have of your simple outfits?


19 thoughts on “A Peek In My Closet: Plaid Simplicity

  1. You and your sisters look like you are made of the fall season in those cute outfits! hahaha love it, Sierra 🙂 Found your blog through Pinterest and immediately followed you!


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