7 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Traveling by Bus

Over fall break, I took a trip to Colorado to visit my boyfriend and his family (find the post: here). Usually I travel by plane, but this time I tried something new. Nine hours on a Greyhound bus. It was much cheaper than a plane ticket and quite the adventure. Here are seven things I wish I’d known before heading out on this particular journey, and perhaps they’ll help you on your next adventure.



1. Sit towards the front. Traveling by yourself can be tricky. While most people want to be left alone, there are some people who can be a bit strange. When you’re on a bus, it’s hard to avoid said strangeness. Sitting up front and closer to the driver is a great way to deter any sketchy situations toward the back of the bus.

2. Don’t take the window seat. This is fairly similar to sitting toward the front. People tend to move on if they have to ask someone to move seats or step over someone.

3. Bring a neck pillow. My bag was stuffed full of everything I could possibly need. Waters. Snacks. A second battery to keep my phone charged. Extra homework. A second jacket to stay warm. However, I didn’t think about a neck pillow, and after nine hours of sleeping on a bus, my neck was hurting.

4. Get off the bus whenever possible. Actually, I was hurting a lot after the returning bus ride. I never got off the bus to stretch, and everything was sore for days after. As tempting as it is to sleep through the stops, it’s better to take full advantage of them. Get up and walk around. You’ll thank me later.

5. Take plenty of vitamin C. I expected there to be some sniffling and sneezes, but they were rather excessive. If you weren’t sick before getting on the bus, you’ll likely have an immune system on the war bath. Plenty of vitamin C is a must.

6. Keep your tickets on your person. After watching someone lose his seat on the bus because his bag with the tickets was stolen, I made sure my tickets stayed nearby.

7. Pack your own lunch. When a bus says it’s doing for lunch, it typically means a gas station. Gas station food isn’t high on the list of nutritious, so unless you want to get sick on stale corndogs, you’re better off packing your own lunch.

What are your tips for traveling by bus?

6 thoughts on “7 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Traveling by Bus

  1. Great points! I always make a point to remember to bring layers. I traveled by bus from MA to VT on a cold day in November and for the 5 or so hours I was on the bus the driver refused to turn on the heat! A real nightmare!


  2. Great list of tips. I’ve done a few long distance bus trips – sometimes they’re a lot cheaper and I definitely could have learnt from these tips! I always forget to pack food which is a big mistake and then live off potato chips for the entire journey!


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