Rainy Day Poetry

Over the past two semesters, I’ve set aside my novels for the sake of academic projects. While I may never return to my beloved stories and characters–academic work has truly stolen my heart–I know that poetry will always be with me. Sometimes my mind is too full of research proposals and papers, and it forces me to put pen to paper and let my thoughts form in creative ways.

Today was dark and rainy– I’m fairly certain I saw Noah’s ark in my dorm’s parking lot. The return of a biblical flood aside, the gloom was further accented by a class discussion over Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. The novella itself is horrifically beautiful , but an even darker story can be found between the ellipses of the narrative. As a writer, I like to believe that words are enough. It’s true in many ways– words are powerful. Silence, however, speaks louder than words. While the words of Conrad’s novella portray a powerful message, the ellipses, the places where silence speaks, are overwhelming.

This incapability to articulate things unsaid prompted one of my academic inspired poems, which in the end isn’t academic at all….
As the poem was jotted down in class without editing, I’d say it’s fairly decent. Poetry is no longer a quest for perfection. It’s my attempt to describe the silence without breaking it. It’s the recognition of my ellipses….


What are your thoughts?

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