Three Free Must Have Language Learning Apps

For some reason I was drawing a blank for my Monday post. There are still so many summer adventures to recount, but I still haven’t gotten my hands on all the pictures yet. It has thrown a major wrench in my writing. Deciding when to write about travel or collegiate life is also another struggle, as I’m fairly dormant for the fall semester. Anyhow, since I spent most of my weekend focusing on my Spanish and Gaelic studies, I decided to write a post about language learning apps. As a foreign language minor, I’ve spend quite a bit of time trying new apps and finding the best ones offered, and here are the top three must haves. Best of all, the post is great for travel and college!



Duolingo. ( This app is by far my favorite, and it offers a host of language courses. Furthermore,  the quality is wonderful, the lessons are well developed, and the appealing aesthetics offer a distraction free learning environment. It’s perfect for quick on-the-move learning, but the levels make it a great option for an hours-on-end submersion. Best of all, you can set daily goals and earn points to unlock special lessons. It’s the absolute “must have”, and I honestly love it better than the expensive programs like Rosetta Stone.

Mango Languages ( While I love this app, it’s slightly harder to access than others. If your library doesn’t subscribe to the program, then you can’t gain full access. Don’t have a library card? It’s worth the short hassle. With over 68 language courses to choose from, Mango will keep your brain hard at work. It’s my personal favorite for Scottish Gaelic, especially because of the culture lessons sprinkled through each lesson.

Memrise ( I came across Memrise Languages while searching for a poetry recitation app (don’t ask–it’s a long story). Anyhow, this one is great for accumulating new vocabulary. It offers fun visual learning aids and even lets you create your own, which is a unique way to learn words. While it doesn’t offer the same type lessons that Duolingo or Mango, it’s definitely worth downloading.

What are your favorite ways to learn new languages?


10 thoughts on “Three Free Must Have Language Learning Apps

      1. I’m a native English speaker, and I’m near fluent in Spanish. I know enough French to navigate a few basic conversations. Meanwhile, I’ve just started learning Irish Gaelic. So far, I’ve only used Duolingo for Spanish and Irish; however, I plan to use it as a way to brush up on my basic French skills, too.

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