A Peek In My Closet: Cardigans, Clutches, and Character

If this is your first visit to Words On My Page, allow me say that my goal is not to become a popular fashion blogger. My “five year plan” doesn’t include becoming a famous travel writer or earning six figures a month on my blog. This little page is merely a place where I can write creatively and passionately about things I love. This is something I’ve struggled with, though. Far too often I find myself comparing both my fashion and writing styles to must-read blogs. My photographs don’t scream professional–they’re usually taken with my phone and edited on Picmonkey or Instagram. My private university schedule doesn’t boast a fast-paced spectacular life–mostly I live in the back corner of the library as a writing tutor. However, my life is all about cardigans, clutches, and plenty of character.


The lighting was rather dark in these pictures, but that’s exactly how I like it. Actually, it was still raining slightly as I walked across the marshy grounds of my university. Rain is lovely, isn’t it? While many people consider the overcast sky and the dark puddles a downer, they’re things that make me smile. Dressing for the weather is almost as lovely, which is why I settled on my favorite floral dress, a maroon cardigan, a frilly scarf, some back tights, kitten heel shoes, and a cream clutch to polish off the outfit.


While I love my rainy day outfit because of the weather, my favorite thing about my cardigan and clutch attire is the character. No, it’s not the typical student attire, but it fits my character—it’s quirky with a sense of classic Victorian style. Some may find my fashion sense strange just like some people may consider my blog to be a collage of strange adventures and ramblings.

Picture 10

Since some people have made fun of my scarf, I’ve been hesitant to wear it. As an anxious person, I always worry about what people think of me. I worry about people reading my blog. I worry about my professors reading my papers. I worry about what I wear, especially when people comment on my unique style. However, I think I finally pulled it off. It’s the perfect scarf, and it suits my character.
picture 12

Oh look, my nails are painted because of work. Perhaps this is becoming a thing? Working in an office environment has honestly been one of the best things for me. It has given me a chance to express myself without wanting to hide in a dark cave. As much as I hate painting my nails, office style is great. Collared shirts are my favorite. Black heels are a must. Floral dresses and cardigans make me happy, as you can clearly see. The clutch is my newest favorite, though. It’s quite wonderful.


What’s better than shoes with bows? Nothing. Bows are wonderful things, almost as wonderful as rain… Anyhow, I think this is the end of my strange and quirky post about cardigans, clutches, and character…

How do you add character to your own personal style?

PicMonkey Collage4

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