Fall Break In Pictures // Colorado

Last week I posted my Tips for Enjoying Fall Break, and you can be sure that I took my suggestions to heart. I unplugged (mostly) from my phone and computer, jumped on a bus to Colorado, and spent the weekend with my boyfriend and his family—a few days away from homework was exactly what I needed. From pedicures with my mom’s college best friend to a spooky night at a haunted corn maze, my trip was the ideal fall break. However, my favorite thing was the lovely day trip that Chantry and I made to Estes Park and the Rocky Mountain National Park. What more can you ask for than beautiful hikes and special memories with someone you love?

Here’s a peek of my fall break through the snapshots I took during our day in the mountains!


The mountains are calling…


Isn’t he handsome? 😉


Taking a stroll through Estes Park.


I wish fall was this pretty in Texas.


Aspens are my favorite.


The reflections were stunning.


Our first glimpse of Alberta Falls.

wpid-fb_img_1445315067032.jpgThe water was freezing. 

Happy smiles. Very happy.


Little squirrel friend posed for a picture.


Such a lovely view.


Pointing out some horns.


So many elk…


Love the sound of the wind in the trees.


I think I could live here.


See you later. Never say goodbye.

These pictures barely capture the beauty or the joy of the day, but they’ll have to do. Either way, it was such a lovely fall break, and I’m not ready to face the piles of homework that are flooding out my desk.

How did you relax for your fall break? Any favorite places to visit in the rockies?


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