Recovering from Midterms // An Autumn Playlist

Midterms were rough this year, so fall break is a much needed retreat. Really — I resorted to pizza and energy drink shots while attempting to push my way through ‘Henry V’. I love the play dearly, but when I would rather be exploring the Colorado Rockies with my wonderful boyfriend, it’s really hard to focus. Granted, downing shots of caffeinated water didn’t really help my focus level…. Apparently I’ve still managed to incorporate the Pura Vida outlook into my collegiate lifestyle….

Ahem, midterms, yes? Now that they’re over, everyone is rather burnt out. There’s a near desperate attempt to find sanity in a matter of a few days. It’s tempting to hit the mall with your best friends and stress shop away your dropping grades as a remedy for the midterm madness. Or perhaps you’d rather spend the weekend downing in boxes of greasy pizza and the latest episodes (or if we’re being honest, seasons) of your favorite show. Yet in the long run, you’ll likely regret spending the money over fall break, and you won’t feel too great after your third box of stale bread and plastic cheese.

drop me in the water

Thankfully my fall break is neither of these options, as I’m visiting my boyfriend who lives in the Colorado Rockies. However, planning for my (hopefully) stellar adventure generated a list of things for you to do while you attempt to recover and relax over your upcoming fall break:

1. Leave your dark cave–aka your dorm room–and explore the campus culture.

2. Enjoy and explore the beauties of autumn. Take a walk in the park, visit a nature preserve, or go camping.

3. Unplug from social media and technology for a few days. Read a favorite book or sketch instead.

4. Start a “thanksgiving” journal with lists of things you’re blessed with.

5. Create a Spotify playlist as motivation for the rest of the semester.

Speaking of Spotify, my nine hour bus ride to Colorado has culminated in many different playlist downloads. While my favorite is my “15th and 16th Century English Ballads” playlist– no, I’m certainly not a British Lit major– I’ve come to love my “Autumn Adventures” playlist. It seemed like a fitting playlist for my recent fall posts (Fall Favorites TagFall 2015 Bucket List, and Anticipating Autumn), especially since the doleful tones seem to speak to a wandering soul — perfect for fall break adventures, yes?


What are your favorite “fall vibes” songs? I’d love to hear them!

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