Sophomore Year Room Tour

Yes, yes midterms have come and gone. Yes, this is an extremely late post. However, my roommate and I did a post midterm deep-clean, and I’m in love with my sophomore year dorm.

Last year I was a paranoid freshman. Somehow this carried over into me having a very plain room. I was scared my roommates wouldn’t like my decorations. I was scared that I’d somehow get fined for hanging things on the designated hanging strip. Did I mention that I’m a paranoid person? Thankfully, I’ve found myself rooming with one of my best friends this year, so we had quite a bit of fun.

Sophomore Year Room Tour


The dorm theme this semester is camping and travel. Thus, my room’s many travel inspired decorations fit quite well into the whole scheme of things.


My cork board is now full of study abroad pamphlets, as I’m planning for England. My maps of the UK have served another purpose as well, since my father has been making genealogical breakthroughs with our Scotts-Irish bloodline. Apparently the family clan (Irwin) still owns a castle in Aberdeen, which I may have the chance to visit when touring Scotland. I’ll need to acquire more of the clan’s tartan…


Then there’s my desk, which is now overrun by Spanish and Irish Gaelic flashcards. However, it’s still fairly tidy, and it’s one of my favorite places in the world. Perhaps that’s why it’s the idea place to keep my books and picture frames…

Now it’s your turn — how do you decorate your dorm room?


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