Instagram Favorites: Summer

I’m burnt out — words and writing currently evoke a feeling of complete and utter despair. Thus is the life of an English major who is recovering from three back-to-back papers. While I dearly love school, part of me misses the simple stress-free summer. With that in mind, I’ve returned to some of my favorite Instagram summer snapshots, and I wanted to share them with you. I also just don’t want to function and write a full fledged post…

After several days in the New Mexico mountains, it was nice to prop my feet up and find out about my upcoming study abroad venture.

It’s a cat. Better yet, it’s my literary kitty. She’s witty like Emma Woodhouse and insane like poor Ophelia.

Apparently my front porch is a great place to built a nest and raise a family…?

Buffalo Springs Lake is rather small, but it was also nice and peaceful. It was certainly the weekend I needed away from my job and summer semester.

Chicago was amazing, and I loved seeing some of the iconic spots. The Bean was so intriguing, but my favorite thing was the skyline’s reflection.

Yards are lovely, but library gardens landscaped to mimic a hobbit’s hill are brilliantly beautiful. I didn’t want to leave. Perhaps I’ll have my own Hobbit garden one day.

If you want to see more of my Instagram favorites, check out my post about Costa Rica or follow me @sierrakay_wordsonmypage.


12 thoughts on “Instagram Favorites: Summer

  1. I hear you on being too exhausted to write a blog post. 😉 I just did one that I called taking a sick day from blogging, ha! I have a pair of chacos that are just like your converse. They are cherished. 🙂


  2. Its good to take a rest from blogging if you are not feeling it, better to wait and be inspired than to post something you will later regret. It also makes you be inventive and share the stories of your summer via your Instagram account. My youngest daughter is studying in Chicago so I get to visit often and I love exploring the downtown neighborhoods, so much to see and do.


    1. Hello, Sue! I certainly agree that it’s better to be inventive than write about something I’m not interested in. That’s the joy of blogging, though — you can take time to rest without quitting. Exploring downtown Chicago also sounds lovely. I hope I can return soon and see more of the city.


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