Indianapolis State Fair // Indiana

As summer is slowly slipping toward autumn, I’m having fun looking back at all the wonderful places I visited and all the fantastic memories I made. Eventually, I think my musings will result in a Throwback Thursday (alliteration is still the best) series over the course of September. Since it isn’t Thursday, however, I’m just going to ramble about some of the highlights from my time at the State Fair in Indianapolis, Indiana. Though, most of the excitement can be summed up by giving a shout-out to my best friend and her brother for both placing top three in their talent show division. Basically they’re both super talented musicians and vocalists.  Anyhow…


Covered bridges are apparently a fairly large thing in Indiana…? I thought it was more of a Northeastern icon, but I guess not. I’m certainly not complaining, though. Covered bridges fascinate me, so I applaud Indiana for building one specifically for the state fair. That’s true dedication.


Talking about true dedication… Xpogo put on a show that definitely took pogo sticks to the /x/treme level. I don’t even think I could balance on one much less do double backflips and other gasp-inducing tricks. Either way, if you get the chance to see these guys in action, take it!


Spending my teenage years in Texas meant 4-H events nearly never weekend, so I thought my state was pretty darn 4-H focused. Turns out that Indiana might have one upped us. Their 4-H halls were gorgeous, and they certainly made me miss the days of waking at the crack of dawn to attend livestock shows or fashion show workshops. It was wonderful to walk through and see all the prizewinning 4-H projects and relive some of my 4-H memories.


Crowds are not my thing. Except as an introvert, they make it very easy to become invisible. The internal struggle is real. Introvert or not, I was able to show off my epic map reading skills as Carrie and I navigated the madness. Having a dad who can’t use a GPS actually came in handy!


Have I mentioned that the state fair grounds are huge? The Pioneer Village was a great place to find a bit of shade next to a settler’s cabin. It wasn’t as awesome as the Pioneer Living History Museum in Pheonix, Arizona where my family and I used to work, but it was still offered a peaceful touch of the good ol’ days.


My first funnel cake. Ever. As requested by my charming, significant other. Enough of my overly dramatic sentence fragments — it really was my first funnel cake. Despite growing up around fairs and livestock shows, I’d never tried one. The verdict: fantastic. Also, someone noted that this picture looked like sidewalk art, and I agree. It messes with my mind, though…


At the end of the day, it was nice to have a bunk-bed nook to myself as we settled into the camper. Hotels can be nice, but there is nothing that beats camping out with family and friends.

Now it’s your turn. What are your favorite state fair things/highlights?


What are your thoughts?

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