Keeping the Love of Travel Alive

Traveling the world is such a lovely idea– new cultures and new languages, new horizons every few weeks. However, as much as I’d love to be a full-time explorer, it isn’t currently an option. Like many other twenty-somethings, I can only afford one or two international trips a year with smaller adventures scattered between. It’s a sobering reality, so how exactly does one keep the love of travel and sense of wanderlust alive?


Decorate with maps, globes, and travel keepsakes. I have a globe that sits atop one of my bookshelves. The first thing I see in the morning is the other side of the world and all the countries I have yet to explore. My desk, where I do most of my writing, is littered with little treasures– a mini replica of the space needle, some shells from all over the Pacific Coast, a shot glass boasting “Pura Vida” from Costa Rica– that I’ve brought back from all my adventures.

Keep a travel jar. Another sobering reality is that travel is expensive, and most twenty-somethings I know aren’t banking it. We penny pinch and say no when our friends want to catch a second movie. We only buy clothes when it’s something that would look great on a foreign street in Europe, and we walk instead of drive a car. To help add a bit of money to my travel fund, I keep a jar on my desk that collects all my loose change. Not only does it remind me not to spend unnecessary money, it also reminds me that sacrifices are worth every second of my future adventures.

Read travel blogs, while drinking coffee of course!. To be honest, I’m not much of a blog reader. Life gets too hectic and busy, so I find myself losing touch when I try to follow too many people. Maybe an extrovert can handle all the fun, but my introvert side falls behind. Still, try to find two or three favorite travel blogs to read. There are so many fellow adventurers in the world, so it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’ll find someone with similar travel tastes and styles. Watching someone else’s adventures is such a huge inspiration, especially when you see them sharing the same joys and struggles as you.

Participate in fun social media tags. Just about everyone has some sort of social media outlet these days. To be honest, it’s hard for me to keep up with them all. Even though it can be crazy at times, platforms like Twitter and Instagram can be a great way to get a good dose of wanderlust and reminisce with fellow globe trotters. Some of my favorite tags to keep up with are #traveltuesday and #wanderlustwednesday. You can find others using them all over the web!

So here’s the question: how do you keep the love of travel alive when you’re not traveling?


2 thoughts on “Keeping the Love of Travel Alive

  1. Thanks for this post. Like you, going overseas is not an every-month luxury. It’s also not practical for us at the southern tip of Africa!
    So how do I feed my wanderlust?
    1) Planning the next trip. I can spend hours looking at ideas for places to see, charting routes on maps, looking at flight connections, etc.
    2) Going on lots of local trips, and I am blessed with many options close to home.
    3) I started blogging about my travels, and even if I don’t get too many readers, it’s like my own journal:-)


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