Indiana Incidents

A little over a hundred days ago, I grabbed my bank card, sat down at my computer, and paid for my second trip to Indiana. This time was a little different, though. For one, my parents were only vaguely aware of these plans until after I had bought the tickets. And let’s not mention the fact that this trip would last twelve days instead of the previous seven. Yeah, telling my parents that I’d be gone for nearly two weeks to see my best friend was rather interesting. Maybe I’ve become a bit too independent when traveling, but if I am, I’ll just blame it on them. They raised me with a heart of travel. What exactly did they expect?

That point aside, I’m going to be headed to see my best friend in fifteen days! *Insert a long line of squealing and senseless babble here* Basically, you should be lucky that I had enough self control to not drive everyone crazy by sharing my daily countdown. Y’all would have never heard the end of it, because I can talk for weeks about how wonderful my best friend is. Anyhow, for the next month or so, you’ll probably hear all about my Indiana incidents. Here are just a few things I’m looking forward to….

1. Seeing my best friend. This is obviously the most important part. For those of you who are strung out across the globe or live nowhere near your double, you know exactly how important twelve days can be. I might spend 365 days chatting nonstop with Carrie, but I only have the chance to have those chats in person once a year. Even though we’re both introverts, we become inseparable. In my opinion, twelve days isn’t near long enough.

2. Visiting Chicago. I’ll be exploring a new airport, new city, and a new state even if it is only for a day. While I’m not a huge city girl, there is a part of me that loves to melt into a crowd and explore streets hidden in the shadow of steel and glass giants. I’m sure whatever happens, it’ll be an adventure.

3. South Bend Shananagens. As I said, Carrie and I are introverts. Still, we know how to have crazy fun like exploring South Bend’s libraries. The main branch is without a doubt my favorite library ever. You practically have to use a map to navigate it. You know you’re doing something right when your library is so large that you need a map.

4. Indiana’s State Fair. Okay, so this is more of a brag on my best friend thing, because she’ll be performing one of her own piano compositions at the fair. Instead of previous years where I’ve had to watch via a phone with bad video and sound quality, I’ll have front row seats. Or maybe backstage seats… I’m not really sure. Either way. I finally get to be there in person, so it will be wonderful.

Is anyone else taking a last minute trip before the start of school?

What are your thoughts?

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