Caprock Roundup // Texas

Claude, Texas: population 1,119. Chances are, you haven’t heard of it. Thankfully, I don’t live too far away, so I was able to visit the town’s Caprock Roundup this weekend. The day was full of events that celebrate the youth of Armstrong County while highlighting the Texas charm of small Southern towns.

One of the main attractions of the roundup are the booths set up around the square that display a variety of local, handmade crafts, That was my ticket into the town actually. My mom and I were set up with a carload of our goods, so I could start raising money for my trip to England.

It was great fun, and we had a front row seat of the parade that spotlighted local ranches, family owned produce stands, the county’s police force, a Sons of the Confederacy troop, and the consestants of the Little Mr, Little Ms. and Miss Armstrong County contestants. Oh, and I can’t forget the tractors!

The parade was followed by the soft twang of fiddles as young and old gathered on the grassy lawns before the Armstrong Fiddler Competition. The aging melodies called to mind echoes of the past that mingled with the laughter of children and friends.

People watching is a hobby of mine, so it was nice to kickback and get a good dose of the small town chatter. It’s been awhile since I’ve lived in the country, and I’d started to forget that everyone knows everyone in these small towns. In a way, it’s like a huge family reunion, including all the drama and grudges. Still, the town square was nice and calm despite the crowd of people. I guess I’d also forgotten how peaceful it is to live outside of a city.

As I said before, the Caprock Roundup hosts the adorable Little Mr and Ms Armstrong County Competition as well as the more serious Miss Armstrong County Competition. You know you’re in Texas when your runway is a decorated hay trailer! I’ll also add that it’s the only runway I’ll get on, except there won’t be any heels or formal dresses involved. I’d rather have the runway stacked high with hay. Anyhow, back to the competitions… Let’s just say that they were adorable. Wait, I said that earlier, didn’t I? Okay, so maybe they were extra adorable. You know it’s true, too! I’m not usually one to think that kids are cute. But the little cowboys and princesses were too sweet.

Much to our dismay, we had to leave halfway through the Miss Armstrong Pageant and miss the Caprock Roundup Rodeo. I had a stack of homework to finish, and it was getting fairly late in the afternoon, but maybe I can make it next year. Still, we had to end the long day with ice cream from the town’s Dairy Queen. Any good Texas town is going to have one!

Overall, it was a wonderful day trip. I raised some money for England and met some awesome people.I guess it shows that you don’t have to travel very far to find interesting things. Your next adventure could be right out your back door, or in a small Texas town you’ve never heard of.


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