Lovely Lists // Top Five Cities to Visit

I’m an INTJ personality type with extreme anxiety. Lists are lifesavers. An organized life is a good life, and my brain seems to work better when I see my thoughts on paper. That being said, I’ve been considering a series of “Top Five” posts based off of the travel lists that clutter my desk. All of this could be potentially boring, especially since I have a tendency to ramble, but I’ll try and few and see how they go.

Here we go, the top five cities on my “to visit” list….


1. London, England.

Why? I’m majoring in British literature. Do I really need a reason? No, really. This just isn’t me being sassy. I think that’s the only reason I’m drawn to London. Big cities usually aren’t my thing, so it’s rare for me to be interested in a city much less consider living in one. Anyhow, the city’s history, including the literary, is beyond fascinating. Drinking tea in a flat, listening to BBC news, and reading Sherlock sounds like a lovely way to live life.

I guess we’ll see how well I like it, since I’ll be headed to London in 2016! You can read about my new destination here.

2. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Why? First off, the city’s name is fun to say. Okay, okay— maybe I’m a bit of a word nerd, but it’s true. ‘Copenhagen’ is such a lovely sounding name. Perhaps it’s the equal number of contrasting syllables? The city also houses a host of other attractions just as lovely as its name. This includs the Garden of the Royal Library, the Little Mermaid statue, the colorful waterfronts of Nyhavn, and Rosenborg Castle.

3. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Why? In case you haven’t caught on, I might be a bit of a history nerd– just continue reading this list and I’ll prove it true. Rio, founded in 1565, has been designated as a World Heritage Site. I would be thrilled to have the chance to explore a city with such rich history. Rio is also the home of the massive “Christ Our Redeemer” monument, which always reminds me of Christ’s second coming since the statue often seems to be emerging from a bank of clouds.

Fun fact: Rio will be hosting the 2016 summer Olympics. Sounds like a fun travel experience, huh?

4. Vienna, Austria

Why? My mother’s family came from Germany and Austria, so it would be awesome to find the places where my family lived. I’ve also wanted to learn to speak German since forever, so it would be great to spend time around the language. However, Vienna first intrigued me before I ever considered traveling the world. The Spanish Riding School caught my eye as a young equestrian, and I practically drooled over the stunning Lipizzaner stallions for months. If I ever make it to Vienna, you can bet that I’ll still make a beeline to the beautiful riding school.


5. Paris, France.

Why? A Tale of Two Cities and Les Miserables. Call me a nerd, but I was obsessed with the French Revolution and the insurrections of 1832. In fact, there was a two year period where my copy of Les Mis become a permanent accessory to my daily apparel. If it wasn’t in my hands, then it was in my purse. I definitely build some muscle toting such a large book around. Anyhow, it would be fantastic to walk the same streets as the fictional yet charming Charles Darnay and the fictionalized yet charismatic Enjoloras. Also, don’t forget the literary importance of the Left Bank where Hemingway and Fitzgerald settled in the 1920’s. Shakespeare and Company is another huge reason to visit the City of Light. In fact, I think it probably ranks first on my list of bookstores I want to visit.

*photography note: all photos open domain taken from PixaBay. 

2 thoughts on “Lovely Lists // Top Five Cities to Visit

  1. It looks like you might have fun on a European tour sometime… I haven’t really thought about where I’d like to travel, but I hope you get to visit and enjoy all these cities soon!


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