Review: Markings ‘Possibilities’ Journal

You do reviews now, too? I do when I find a lovely, functional, and inexpensive leatherette journal. Really, you shouldn’t be that surprised. After all, I am an English major. Notebooks and Journals qualify as a bare necessity of writerly life. What if you’re stranded on an island? You can’t write a novel in the sand. I guess you could always carve it into trees or something, but that sounds extremely tedious and not exactly eco-friendly. Anyhow, that’s not something you have to worry about if you have a trusty notebook (or two) next to you.

That being said, this journal has quickly become one of my favorites. First off, the typewriter motif is adorable. If you can’t write with a typewriter, you may as well carry a notebook with the iconic symbol. To top it all off, the journal is purple. That was the deal breaker–purple is my favorite. Also, it was only $5 at Walmart, so it made my wallet happy.


Enough of this fashionable chitchat, though. Now it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty functionality of it. I’m not going to lie, I can be a bit of a journal snob (and a pen snob, but that’s a completely other story). Sometimes I don’t like the weight of the paper, wide rule generally drives me up the wall, and I’m very picky about my binding. Spiral notebooks are usually not my cup of tea. This notebook was pretty darn fantastic, though. It even has a few bonus points and nice surprises…


For instance, I won’t have to worry about where my latest entry left off since Markings provides me with a handy, ribbon bookmark. The soft lavender is a nice color contrast against the darker purple cover. Annnnnd I’m slipping into the fashionable talk again. Maybe I should move on to talk of the binding. It has a nice rubber-back binding that doesn’t crinkle or buckle too much when opened. It’s certainly not something that will wrinkle or wear out easily, something of great importance when your journal is a constant companion.

Often I come across nice journals that bleed when used with a fountain pen, which is insanely frustrating, but this paper’s weight was enough to keep the ink smooth and from smudging. It’s also an off-white color that helps minimize glare. One thing I was glad to see was the soy based ink used for the ruling. Hopefully it will minimize any blue patches if there are any water spills.

One thing I wasn’t fond of was the semi-scattered pattern used for the front and back. It drives my OCD nuts. Why couldn’t they have just printed the pattern in nice, tidy rows? The strange little gaps are just… strange. Still, I guess I can’t complain too much, because this journal has a lovely surprise.


This little surprise just happens to come in the form of a pocket. A pocket. Isn’t that a wonderful, hidden treasure? I’ve been raving about it for several days–pockets make me so very happy. They’re also handy for keeping things organized, which is good. I hate having loose papers falling out and getting lost. This was certainly the best feature of the journal. In fact, I think it should be mandatory that journals are made with pockets.
While I couldn’t seem to find this particular notebook on the Markings website, you can find a whole host of gorgeous Markings journals here. Several of them even have pockets!


11 thoughts on “Review: Markings ‘Possibilities’ Journal

    1. Zara, sadly I haven’t been able to find it online. Markings only has select notebook styles on their website. they’re constantly adding new notebook lines, though, so I’d keep a lookout. From what I can tell, they’re only offered at certain Walmart stores. Maybe I might pick one up and do a give away to make up for my inability to find them on the internet…

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