Truths of Travel

A year ago, I never would have imagined myself as the person I am today. My first year of college has come and gone in a blur of textbook pages, tears, and laughter. I’ve seen darkness and light, experienced both sorrow and joy. In the midst of loss, I gained understanding. No longer am I a freshman greatly terrified of my dreams– I’m a sophomore with great and terrifying dreams.

One of those dreams was to travel the world, but I was terrified that I’d never be accepted into a study abroad program, that I’d never be able to finance such adventures, and that the places I’d read about would remain mere words on a page. While daydreaming about far off lands was wonderful, I wanted to experience those places. Still, I was too frightened to actually live my life.

Yet, here I am a year later having just returned from my first study abroad tour.

CostaRica2015 187

Of course eighteen days in Costa Rica was a dream come true, but it was still much more than that. It was a time of introspection and growth. Somewhere between breathing in fresh, ocean air and trekking across jungle paths, I realized just how much I have changed since my time in high school. Now after my first week back in the States, I’ve seen just how much I have changed in a single trip.

The truth is this: travel changes who you are. 

When you watch the sun dip below a new horizon and when you watch the sun rise over a volcano, something inside of you changes. Things that would terrify me at home–the world’s longest zipline, spelunking, getting lost in a jungle– become thrilling adventures. Honestly, I am more alive when I travel.

The ocean stirsthe heart, inspiresthe imagination& brings eternaljoy to the soul
Maybe it’s experiencing a different culture that draws me out of my shell, or perhaps it’s the complete uncertainty of everything that forces the rarely seen me into the world. Whatever it is, I’m very thankful for it. My confidence soars. The anxiety that is typically overwhelming and often keeps me hidden away becomes much more manageable. My stoic and serious disposition fades away into a silent sense of adventure. While I’m very much “myself”, the studious person most people are acquainted with, I am also someone very different.

These are things I’ve known for most of my life–I was at my happiest in high school when I was adventuring. My trip into the Yukon made me realize that traveling was the key to my self-imposed cage. I’ve known for years that travel makes me happy, that it does effect who I am… But how did I keep that happy person with me?

“You get a strange feeling when you’re about to leave a place… Like you’ll miss the person you are now, because you’ll never be this way ever again.” -Unknown

Thankfully, this trip to Costa Rica showed me that I don’t have to say goodbye to that person; I don’t have to leave the changes behind.

What was it about this trip that made me realize so much? I think it was the fact that two passions, learning and traveling, were combined. I am myself when surrounded by mountains of homework, but I am also myself when I’m trekking over a mountain. This trip was a convergence of two separate lives. I’d been too scared to dream of having them both. Now? The combination of study and travel has become a stunning reality. I can be both anxious and adventurous, studious and ignorant. Most of all, I can be free to truly be myself.

CostaRica2015 1879

This reality is terrifying like my dreams, but I’m determined to chase after it with everything I have and continue to let the life of travel shape me into the person I was meant to be….

10 thoughts on “Truths of Travel

  1. I was looking for blogs about Costa Rica and happened upon yours! My husband and I are traveling there for a week at the end of August this year. Do you have any “must see” sites you might recommend?


    1. Hello, Nicole! I’m glad to hear you were able to find me, and I’d love to give you some suggestions for your trip to Costa Rica. The country as a whole is gorgeous, so no matter what, you’ll see some stunning sights.
      I will say that one of the “must sees” would be a sunset on Playa Pelada (Pacific side of Costa Rica). On the southern side of the beach, there are tide pools and rocks that create a natural “blow hole” for the tide. It’s a fun place to explore, and watching the sunset from the rocks is beyond words. If you keep reading, I’ll probably have a post about my time on Playa Pelada up in the next week or two.
      Also, Miss Sky Canopy Tour, the world’s longest canopy zipline based out of Nosara would be another one of my suggestions. I wouldn’t recommend if if you or your husband are afraid of heights, though. The ride into the jungle is an adventure in itself, but ziplining over rivers and valleys offers stunning views of the jungle.
      If you’re planning to spend more time inland, then I’d suggest visiting one of the volcanoes. We stayed at the base of the Arenal volcano in La Fortuna. I will say that it’s more of a tourist town, but I still enjoyed my stay there. If I’d been there longer, I would have loved to explore Lake Atitlan, which is near the volcano. The combination of the two created a striking view.
      Best of wishes for your trip! As I said before, Costa Rica is a beautiful country, so I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time no matter where you go.


      1. I’m not sure what to tell you since it’s just you and your husband. I was in Costa Rica with twelve other college students, so we would hire our own van to drive us places. It was different than driving ourselves, but it also wasn’t normal public transportation. If you’re wanting to move around quite a bit over the course of a week, it might be easier to have your own transportation. However, if you’ll be staying in a more localized area, public transportation may be more ideal. We walked most everywhere during our stay on the coast. I wish I had more to tell you!


      2. You have helped a lot! Thank you so much! At least you have given us some things to thing about in regards to transportation 🙂 and I told my husband about the zip line and he is stoked!


  2. How cool that you got to go to Costa Rica! It sounds like you learned a lot, and grew a lot as a person! I think my grandfather would appreciate this post as well; his motto is more or less, “Experience everything, for I may not pass this way again.” Congrats on taking a hold of your experiences—I hope you have the opportunity to travel many more ways as you continue forward!


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