Monday Procrastination: A New Design

Tomorrow is my last day of sophomore year (more on that later), so I’m mostly done with assignments. The key word is mostly; however, instead of finishing my final Shakespeare paper, I’ve decided to get a jump-start on my 2016 blogging goals.

One of these goals is to create a more consistent brand/image of this little hole-in-the-wall site. My previous blogs always looked a bit haphazard, and while I think that my previous backgrounds and headings for Words On My Page have always looked nice, I’m wanting to create something that stands out a bit more than my own phone-taken photographs. A new year, a new blog. Right?

The issue is that I’m nothing close to a graphic designer. I’m more like an awkward monkey who makes awkward mistakes in an attempt to create something that looks even slightly presentable. Thankfully, I think that I might be getting somewhere…


I’ve always felt that blue and gray colors seemed to fit nicely with the feel of my blog. It’s not overwhelmingly cheerful or depressingly dark–it’s a nice balance of the two, which makes me feel comfortable Maybe it’s because the different shades remind me of the ocean.


While I don’t always write about travel or studying abroad, I thought that globe was fitting. The world is a symbol for adventure. Writing is an adventure. College is an adventure. Life is an adventure. Basically, this blog is dedicated to the adventures found in life.


While I have a general concept of what I want to do, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments! Do you think a 2016 re-branding is needed? Do you like the globe concept of blue/grey? Any re-branding and design tips of your own?






8 thoughts on “Monday Procrastination: A New Design

  1. I love the blue and grey colors together. And the globe as well. I think it is perfect. I know we can be our own worst critic so asking for help is a great idea. Keep up the good work, looks good.


  2. I’m always for re-branding when it FEELS time, no one knows that more than YOU as the writer/owner of this space. My site has gone through several new looks/feels and in 2016, I plan for there to be some content changes as well. I’ve learned that when things stop working for me, they tend to also stop working for my readers at the same time…interesting, isn’t it?

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