Christmas Reading List 2014

It’s five o’clock in the afternoon and I’ve finally ventured out of bed with the realization that I haven’t prepared a blog post. My first excused is that it’s Christmas break and I’m catching up on sleep. Secondly, it’s Christmas break and I’m catching up with my poorly neglected reading list. Actually, it seems as if 2013 and 2014 were rough years for reading.


Between studying for SAT’s, taking dual credit classes, working as a waitress, and transitioning into an official college student, I barely read anything compared to my usual fare. I started re-reading Twelfth Night and got distracted. The same applied to A Tale of Two Cities (its tradition to read it ever year) and most other books I touched. Tennyson, Keats, and the Hunger Games Trilogy were my backup plans when I became burdened by literary guilt–familiar reads were easier to focus on.

In fact, the only other books I remember finishing were the Divergent Trilogy (I shall attempt to avoid a rant, but I lost much respect for these books after Insurgent), Captives (by Jill Williamson who is probably one of the best YA speculative fiction writers ever), Wuthering Heights (I had missed my classics), The Merchants Son (by C. F. Barrows, which I will shamelessly encourage you to purchase here.), Perks of being a Wallflower (so many emotions), and Watership Down (I’m sure you’ll hear me obsess over it eventually). Then there were the books I read for school, but that conversation would tempt me with further digressions…

So in the face of another disappointing year of reading, I made a list for Christmas break:

  • Replication by Jill Williamson
  • Outcasts and Rebels (sequential books following Captives) by Jill Williamson
  • The Follower by C. F. Barrows
  • How to Read Literature Like a Professor by Thomas C. Foster
  • Scorch Trials by James Dashner

I didn’t start reading until yesterday, which means I wasted away the entire first week of my break. However, like I said, it’s five o’clock in the afternoon and I’ve been reading all day. In fact, I just finished Replication. It was a fantastic book, so I’ll likely post a Goodreads review soon. Williamson certainly knows how to keep my attention, which makes her one of my favorite authors. Tonight I’ll be starting on Outcasts, and hopefully I’ll be able to tackle my list a more.

This latest literary victory (really it feels so good to read a book for fun) has reminded me why books are life. They’re magical. You can take all sorts of adventures without leaving bed. Goodness, you can even time travel, which in my opinion should be a thing, The TARDIS really would make such a lovely home with a bit of interior decorating. Either way, reading is an adventure.

“Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home.” Anna Quindlen

Reading has an anchor in my life. My love for stories and words is what inspired me to become an English major. In many ways, I rely on books to be my translators for reality. Reading is as much a part of me as the natural occurrence of breathing, so I’m determined to keep on top of my reading list in 2015. In fact, I think “read more books for fun” is a resolution I can manage to keep.

How about you–what books have you been reading? Do you have any plans for a 2015 reading list?


4 thoughts on “Christmas Reading List 2014

  1. HtRLLaP is a fantastic book, I promise. AWESOMENESS. Captives is also on my reading list, but as of right now I have some Leigh Bardugo and Neal Shusterman and Stephanie Meyer to get off the pile. So there’s that. 🙂


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